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Who we are and what we do

Do blue orchids really exist? Yes, they do! Among the myriad of orchid varieties, the Blue Lady Orchid (Thelymitra crinita) stands out as a member of the orchid family. The Blue Lady Orchid is a species native to Australia. Cultivating Blue Lady Orchids, though rewarding, requires a deep understanding of their specific requirements.

Blue orchid flowers do not occur frequently in nature, which has led them to symbolize uniqueness, distinctiveness, and exclusivity. Just as the orchid blue stands out among other flowers, it signifies individuality and being one-of-a-kind.

Hmmm, kind of sounds like a website.

Blue Lady orchid (Thelymitra crinita) isolated on a white background
Blue Lady orchid (Thelymitra crinita)

Nearly everyone can relate to trying to do or be or accomplish something that seems like it should be easy, but it’s not. "Come on," they've said to themselves, " we’re smart, educated, capable people. Why is this so hard?" And the struggle continues, and the success is elusive, and there is unhappiness.

There's an old saying that goes, "Even an orchid in the wrong place is a weed." What about changing the approach? Think about it this way: if you’re an orchid, don’t try to grow in the rose garden.

Blue Orchid Web Development has the knowledge and deep understanding of building and maintaining websites that are engaging, informative, useful and, of course, beautiful. We exist to take the on the burden of designing, building, maintaining, and hosting websites for small and medium businesses and organizations.

We also take the time to get to know what your needs are, what causes pain, what you dream about, and what success looks like. It is literally our job to know what it takes to cultivate your online presence, and we spend all day long doing it. This frees you do be the expert at what you do.

The Origins

After working for businesses large and small Sally Gradle felt that she had something to offer to the world. She kept bumping into the inner workings of software and networking as well as finding codes in the processes around her. This experience led to a study of web development. Attracted by the open-source community and the shared desire to make things better, Sally found WordPress was a natural fit. Having the freedom to work in a range of industries and being able to help others present their businesses' faces to the world led to the creation of Blue Orchid Web Development.

Living in northern Illinois, Sally takes advantage of everything offered by the small towns and the big cities. She especially enjoys exploring the outdoors with her husband and her dog Newton. And yes, her favorite color is blue.


Let's Dig In

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