How To Bend WordPress To Your Will: Add A Widget

Have you chosen a theme? No? Is it because you have not found one that is just how you want it? There may be something we can do about that. Changes to colors, fonts, widgets, even custom menus are all possible in WordPress. You can bend WordPress to your will. Word of warning: with great…

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Why Your Nephew Shouldn’t Build Your Website

Why Your Nephew Shouldn't Build Your Website, Blue Orchid Web Development

So, you’ve decided that you do need a website for your business (if you’re still not convinced, please read here). There are many ways to go about getting it built, but not all of those lead to a place that will serve your business. Those ways are why your nephew shouldn’t build your website. My…

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Do You Even Need A Website?

Do You Need A Website, Blue Orchid Web Development

I was talking with a small business owner recently and he told me that he did not have a website because he didn’t need one. He felt that he got plenty of traffic through social media, and it was much easier to put up posts that way than to maintain a website. As a web…

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